Business Management and Business Software EML To Lotus Notes Converter Overtakes Other Tools According To Survey

Gothenburg, Sweden, June 19, 2012: – Being one of the most renowned software group of companies, developments and new events keep on taking place meanwhile; this release has been published by this organization for informing the users of the EML to NSF Converter program as well as the readers about the recent survey results which stated that the EML to Lotus Notes converter program overtook many other software applications of its type in the race of being the most user friendly applications.

The Director of the Product Development department in the organization was the first one who was informed about the achievement made by one of the applications of their organization in a recently held software related survey. The team for EML to NSF Converter application has always been participating in happening survey like this and has come out some or the other appreciative news but this time was the best of all.For more info:

When Evan Swans who is the Director of Product Development department was approached; the following statement was given: “The EML to Lotus Notes conversion providing application is one of the many successful software applications of the company that have achieved some or the other milestone which is worth appreciation. The recently held survey results have stated the most lightening up news to the organization, as we always trusted our tools to be one of the most productive in the software arena as they have always been favorites amongst the users.”

Joseph Cain, Chief of Support Department: “On behalf of the entire organization I would like to congratulate the team of the EML to Lotus Notes conversion providing EML to NSF Converter program as they have made one of the best achievements till date which is a big thing because the tool is quite fresh in the software market till now and no tool has made such huge achievements in such a short period of time.”

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