Business Writing Plagiarism Detection has already become an expert in everything that concerns plagiarism detection in academic papers over the last several years. But the company administration is sure that fighting plagiarism is something like the constant struggle between good and evil – at least in the sense that one can never put the sword aside. While academic plagiarizers has not yet developed new means and techniques of deceiving people, has decided to enter a new market niche by developing a new module designed to deal with plagiarism in business writing.

“Every plagiarism detection tool consists of two major components,” the lead programmer of explains. “The first one analyzes syntactic construction of phrases while the second one depends heavily on the specialized vocabulary to analyze semantics, the very words you use in your text.”

Further explanations revealed that another duty of detection software is to compare the written text with web pages and archives of traditional media searching for plagiarism. Right now the company is constructing databases of specialized journals. “Business writing can deal with any field and social sphere so we have a whole host of traditional media to digitize,” the CEO of says.

Therefore, new modules and services of will be available in several months. Meanwhile, the current offers of the company can be found at website. is a plagiarism detection service that has been dealing with plagiarism in academic papers for several years. Having more than thirty permanent clients among writing services, has mastered the art of plagiarism detection and offers its services in certifying the originality of academic writing.

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