Buy Age Of Conan Accounts At Your Favorite Sites

There are many websites today which trade in age of conan accounts. They are the one stop shop for collecting characters and earning money by trading in age of Conan account. Sites like, etc provide facilities to buy and sell age of conan accounts this website professes to be engaged in trading in age of conan accounts for donkey’s years. This has enabled this website to become one of the biggies in this industry of computer games. They have a great database of accounts to trade in both on their website and in their inventory stocks. To go with this they offer 100% delivery in time and guaranteed satisfaction to the customers. In order to verify the quality of gaming accounts that are traded in, they have resorted to advanced technology. Their USP is that they provide service 24×7 thus enabling their customers to access them at their convenience. Their procedure for buying an age of conan account is as under:

Select a game: One needs to choose a game to trade in

Choose an account: You can browse all the accounts listed and select the one you fancy using their advanced technology.

Make purchase: You just have to click “buy now” on the link provided for it and it will ask you for all your information. You have to fill up all that information and be the proud owner of an age of Conan sell account.

Send the Payment: You will be taken to a paypal account through which you have to transfer money from your paypal account.

Contact us: After making the payment through paypal contact our customer service centres to finish the process.

Transfer of ownership: You can also change the email in the account 7 days after the purchase, for which you have to contact them.

These gaming accounts come with the following guarantees:

100% payment guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee

Facility to trade in age of Conan accounts online.

Transaction time to trade in age of Conan accounts is 20 minutes.

Selling age of Conan accounts can fetch you real money.

The transactions are 100% safe and secure. is a massive network for MMOG that sells large quantities of accounts be it world of warcraft accounts or age of Conan accounts. Their main goal is customer satisfaction and for people who want to make a purchase or sell, they have a plethora of terms and conditions which the customers have to abide by in order to enjoy superlative service. In order to know what t expansion an account has enabled, the customers have to get that information from the live chat section now, by asking a customer service representative, but they are working on this aspect and a function is in the works to better record and communicate this account metric.

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