Calcium chloride can de-ice roads whether it’s applied after or before snow

Calcium chloride can de-ice roads whether it’s applied after or before snow
When it comes to keeping roads free of ice and snow in the wintertime, there is no better material than liquid calcium chloride.
And the most reliable and professional manufacturer of this highly effective material is the Canadian company Ward Chemical. Ward has been producing liquid calcium chloride for more than 20 years. The company was created after natural salt brine was discovered at Calling Lake, Alberta in 1985. The discovery led to the development of this and other related products in the years that followed.
Liquid calcium chloride in its liquid form is a highly soluble material that is capable of absorbing moisture from its environment. This is obviously a useful characteristic for a material that is being engineered to keep roads ice free. The material is also ideal for this purpose because it resists evaporation.
Today, Ward Chemical is the largest producer of calcium chloride in Western Canada. It has gained an unequalled reputation for excellence ever since.
The discovery of the salt brine was actually just the beginning for the fledgling company. Their work had to begin with intensive research as part of the process of developing the brine into a product that would have multiple applications. The material that resulted from this research did indeed have many different uses.
While it was clear that the salty brine would have benefits in terms of melting ice and keeping road surfaces free of ice, the uses of liquid calcium chloride were also found to include road construction itself. The calcium chloride turned out to be ideal for road building because it binds to clay particles to help stabilize the road base during construction.
Using calcium chloride during the construction of the road base and road surface helps inhibit freezing, which in turn helps to keep the road from heaving and cracking as temperatures fluctuate. This certainly contributes to the long life of the road surface and road bed, which can save governments and private companies a great deal of money over time. Calcium chloride has been found to be highly cost effective, and easily pays for itself within a short time once the road is in use.
The material is also valuable in keeping dust down during the construction process. The most useful property that liquid calcium chloride exhibits is its ability to absorb and retain moisture. This makes is ideal for keeping the dust down while contributing to long term road stability.
This would, of course, contribute greatly to a reduction in the costs of maintaining the road during the lifetime of the road surface. This also means the road will last longer, which also helps reduce overall costs.
Whether this material is needed to build roads, keep dust down, or keep the finished road surface free of ice, calcium chloride is an ideal material to get the job done, effectively and at a reasonable cost.

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