California Orange County Sheriff’s Department Making Streets Safer

August 19, 2009 (by Horatio Algren) According to reports the by DUI lawyers in OC, Orange County Sheriff’s Department is planning to make the streets safer from drivers under the influence.

According to the Lt. Dan Dwyer, Chief of Police Services for the city of San Juan Capistrano, the police are committed to making the streets of San Juan Capistrano safer by increasing law enforcement measures; include DUI checkpoints, after a grant by the Office of Traffic Safety.

The grant in the amount of $28,764 was awarded and will be used in the Drunk Driving, Over the Limit Under Arrest campaign.

According to authorities there were 1600 people killed and more than 31,000 people injured in alcohol or drug related accidents in California last year. The grant will be used for both law enforcement and education for drivers that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Christopher J. Murphy , Director of the Office of Traffic Safety stated the grant made to San Juan Capistrano will make the area a safer place to live and work, because more people will be driving sober.

Lt. Dwyer stated that the DUI check points will target drivers suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and will also target drivers with suspended or revoked drivers licenses.

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