capital tool

From the machinery that is used to make out clothing all the way through to heavy machinery that is used to construct building, gears play an important role. By association, that means that the gear hob is an essential tool in our society. The gear hobs are tools that are used in the cutting and shaping of the teeth found on gears. The gear hob is the cutter used to cut the teeth into the work piece. Recent developments have been executed in making firms more technological advanced in producing accurate gears using modern gears hobs technology.
Milling cutters are tools used for cutting in milling machines or machining centers. . A milling cutter with a low angle removes material in large gouges while higher-angle cutters remove extremely small amounts of material. The high-angle cutters are often used as a finisher to put basic polish on a cut. A milling cutter can be used in cutting all parts of the tooth of a gear. A milling cutter such as an endmill can cut large amounts of material quickly while moving sideways.
Scalping cutters are used for scalping copper and brass strips. The application of scalping cutters is mainly in copper and brass industry. Brass strip scalping cutters are manufactured from 6″ dia to 8″ dia and length 16″ to 20″ in light and heavy duty, these are used for scalping copper and brass strips. Capital tool industry is a well-established name in gear cutters industry. CTI produces gears with high precision which is best in its class. Capital tool industry is engaged in producing high quality gear cutter tools that are widely used in preparing the gears of every kind.

Spline milling cutters are widely used in mechanical drive systems. They are found in rotating mechanism that we see usually. Crown spline milling cutters, the purpose of this type of spline is to allow for angular misalignment between the shaft and mating details. Involute spline milling cutters typically have equally spaced teeth but they are not straight sided. Worm wheel hobs are used in some processes like worm hobbing, thread milling, thread rolling and thread grinding. Worm wheel hobs are available in topping or non-topping as per DIN, BS specification as per client’s requirements.

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