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1 February 2011 – Looking for Cockapoo Breeders or Cavapoo Breeders? has a wide collection of Cockapoo Puppies and Cavapoo Puppies for sale all over the year hence you can buy one of their lovable Cockapoos or Cavapoos today to be your chum for life.

Even though not officially known as a breed of dog, Cockapoos, a combination of two breeds, the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, have been bred from the time of 1950s. Cockapoo puppies are very adorable, affectionate and friendly in nature. Their loving characteristics make them stay in harmony with other pets and dogs. They are very obedient, sweet, loyal, and are nice with kids of all ages. The cockapoo breeders recommend these cockapoos puppies as a good option for families having small children and for people who have allergies or asthma.

Whereas the Cavapoos is a breed that describes, cross between a poodle and a cavalier king, Charles spaniel in place of a cocker spaniel. The poodle is usually of smaller size therefore the cavapoo is a small breed with an adorable nature suitable for families having homes with smaller living spaces.

At, the goal of Cockapoo or Cavapoo Breeders is to raise smart, healthy and well socialized puppies for people looking for a nice family pet. They give the best possible care with proper worming and flea treatment. They give a 48 hour vet check to insure that all of their puppies are in excellent health condition to the best of their knowledge. Martinshawkennels are dedicated Cockapoo and Cavapoo breeders in Groby Leicestershire.

Whether you need a red, brown, black, or white, has all colours of Cavapoo and Cockapoo Puppies for sale. They pride themselves in breeding healthy, loving, socialised and well reared puppies that are suitable for homes to keep them as family pets. Their pedigree dogs are kennel club registered with pedigree certificates. So, you are always welcome to visit their adult dogs and their puppies once they are at least a week old and if there, you find one and wish to reserve it then a small non refundable deposit can secure your choice. Martinshawkennels is always there for after sales advice!

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