Chess Tournament at Custom Writers vs. Editors

The company management of is sure that every worker, especially such a creative person as a custom writer requires constant training. It is very much like being an athlete: you should keep your muscle tone or fall apart. Therefore, the company management tries to introduce new events, contests and competitions to combine business, pleasure and a short break from psychologically pressing duties. Following this nice and time-proven tradition, last week held a chess tournament: perhaps the first chess tournament among custom writers the world has ever seen.

“It is a direction of our management to diversify the company’s life,” says chief of the staff department. “So, apart from our ordinary staff business we work tirelessly to create new ideas and propose events.”

Certainly, not all and perhaps not even a majority of the company’s workers were familiar with chess. However, it has only increased the fun of the event. After several evenings of constant training, two teams consisting of custom writers and their “natural enemies” from the quality assurance department have finally faced each other which resulted in the devastating victory by the writers’ team.

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