Claimssolicitors resolve problematic linked road accident claims with two accidents and two insurers

Stockport, UK, October 23, 2009 – – Solicitor Law Jobs – What happens to personal injury claims when there are two accidents and two insurers involved with one client? This was the problem posed to (the online presence of Davies and Company Solicitors, Stockport).

Their client Mr Graham was a driving instructor who was unfortunately involved in two rear shunt collisions only eleven months apart.

Following the first road traffic accident claimssolicitors handled his accident claim providing a hire car whilst his was being repaired and arranging for private physiotherapy to assist him in his return to work. Mr Graham was making a slow but steady recovery when he was involved in a very similar second accident. After this accident he was unable to return to full time working hours.

In handling the claim for his injuries and loss of earnings for the first accident, claimssolicitors were met by an argument from by the Insurers that liability was limited to the 11 month period until the second accident. The Insurers offered £3000 as a personal injury settlement. The Insurers dealing with the second accident claimed that Mr Graham was still suffering from the first accident and that his symptoms were far worse as a result.

The very experienced solicitor at claimssolicitors tackled this problem by coordinating the medical evidence and engaging a specialist surgeon to examine the victim and to provide medical evidence to assist on deciding how compensation should be divided. Mr Graham was also provided with rehabilitation therapies whilst legal matters progressed.

A coordinated Court action was taken against both defendants; however a successful outcome was achieved without going to Trial. Both cases settled and Mr Graham received £20,000 and £34,000 personal injury compensation.
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