Coca Cola Alerts FDA to Fungicide in Minute Maid and Simply Orange – Brazil Juices lead to Concerns – Coca-Cola alerted the Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency about low levels of fungicide within its own orange juice, along with competitors’ juice.

The acknowledgement from the drinks giant pushed juice prices up as well as lead to the government testing for fungicide residues in juices with the FDA and EPA both saying that the orange juice was safe to drink with fungicide levels below what is unsafe.

Atlanta-based Coca-Cola, which makes the Minute Maid and Simply Orange brands of orange juice, said Thursday that it had notified FDA of the low levels of the fungicide carbendazim in Coca Cola’s orange juice and in competitors’ juice. The juices orginate from Brazil. The FDA had said Monday that an unnamed company had told the agency about the fungicide and confirmed Wednesday the company was Coca-Cola.

Neither the FDA nor the company said which orange juice products tested positive. Carbendazim is not currently approved for use on citrus in the United States, but it is used to combat mold on orange trees in Brazil, which exports orange juice to the United States. Fungicides are used to control fungi or fungal spores in agriculture.

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