ColdLogik Data Cabinets Help Cut Downtime and Preserve System Health

ColdLogik Data Cabinets Help Cut Downtime and Preserve System Health

ColdLogik Data Cabinets are helping cut system downtime and minimize the costs of maintenance and repair, by providing data center cooling and temperature control, helping minimize running costs and boost confidence in data storage solutions.

(29 December 2009) – – ColdLogik data cabinets from REC Distribution are helping data center operators minimize the costs of ongoing maintenance and slashing downtime through providing an effective, affordable cooling and temperature control mechanism.

Designed to help keep operating costs low and eradicate the majority of electronic failures through rigorously cooling and maintaining system temperature, the ColdLogik system is one of several money-saving solutions offered by REC Distribution aimed at the data storage industry.

Simon Coxon, CEO of REC Distribution Ltd believes that by eliminating the risk of system overheating, the ColdLogik series can save data centers hundreds and possibly thousands in maintenance and repair costs, and prove a worthwhile investment in bolstering client confidence.

“”It’s estimated that around 55% of all system hardware failures are caused by overheating, a factor that accounts for a substantial proportion of the costs associated with data center maintenance and leads to frustration and lost confidence amongst clients. With our latest series of ColdLogik cooling cabinets, it’s easy to cut out a large proportion of your downtime in one quick move, leading to a year-on-year saving for the lifespan of the system.””

“”For those that don’t want to risk system failure and downtime, ColdLogik provides a cost effective mechanism for keeping systems running and costs at a minimum. Offering unparalleled cooling and temperature regulation for our clients, the ColdLogik is unrivalled in the data cooling market, and provides a reliable and valuable solution for data center operators.””
REC Distribution also offer a wide range of data center accessories and storage solutions to eliminate downtime and improve system and processor efficiency.

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