Colorado Assistant U.S. Attorney Hayley Reynolds to Serve in Iraq

Reynolds will serve at U.S. Embassy as Attorney Advisor in the Rule of Law Coordinator’s Office

DENVER (LAWFUEL) – United States Attorney Troy Eid announced today that Assistant United States Attorney Hayley Reynolds will depart shortly to Iraq to serve as an Attorney Advisor in the Rule of Law Coordinator’s Office at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. She is scheduled to leave in early November.

The Rule of Law Coordinator’s Office, one of the sections at the Embassy, reports to the Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission, but is led and primarily staffed by Department of Justice employees. Those employees, including Philip H. Lynch, the Rule of Law Coordinator, are on detail to the Department of State. The mission of the Rule of Law Coordinator’s Office is to assist the Government of Iraq in guaranteeing the Iraqi people a fair, humane, and smoothly functioning legal system. This includes initiatives to promote judicial security, court transparency, excellence in prison management, and capacity-building for court administration and the prosecution of terrorism, war crimes, and other criminal offenses. The Rule of Law Coordinator’s Office also works with Iraqi law schools and the Iraqi bar to ensure that lawyers are well trained to provide the vital roles that they must play in any society which lives under the rule of law.

Prior to joining the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Denver, where she is an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Appellate Division, Reynolds served as Counsel to the Deputy Attorney General for national security issues in Washington, DC. In this capacity, she reviewed proposed foreign acquisitions of U.S. companies for national security implications and managed a variety of law and policy issues related to terrorist watchlisting and biometrics, counterradicalization efforts and strategy, Interpol, and intelligence and law enforcement information sharing.

Previously, Reynolds clerked for Judge Timothy Tymkovich on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Hillsdale College and her Juris Doctorate from Cornell Law School, where she served as Editor of the Law Review.

Reynolds was one of four Assistant U.S. Attorneys who litigated First Amendment issues related to the Democratic National Convention. As an appellate attorney, she handles criminal sentencing appeals and federal habeas cases.

“When I recruited Hayley Reynolds to join our Denver office, she had already agreed to serve a tour of duty in Iraq,” said United States Attorney Troy Eid. “Hayley is an extraordinary young attorney. The experience she’ll gain in Iraq will be invaluable, and our office gets a unique opportunity to support the enhancement of the rule of law in a vital part of the world.”

“It is an honor to be chosen for this assignment,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Hayley Reynolds. “Working with Iraqi judges and other government officials as they improve their country’s justice system is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The Department of Justice has been actively engaged in Operation Iraqi Freedom since May 2003. Today, more than 200 Justice Department personnel are serving throughout the Republic of Iraq, including over 20 attorneys and agents from the various law enforcement components. Department leadership is actively engaged in this mission, including personally selecting the Rule of Law Coordinator for service at the Embassy. He regularly reports to the Deputy Attorney General. Under State Department leadership, the Justice Department is assisting in a variety of efforts to promote freedom and security, from reconstruction programs to facilitating capacity development activities, with the ultimate goal of assisting the Iraqi government to ensure that the rule of law reigns throughout every part of Iraq. The Department’s webpage explaining its role in Iraq is at

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