Combine Outlook Contacts Software Approved Authentic by Survey

Gothenburg, Sweden, August 11, 2011: – A survey was taken out by the organization to check whether the PST Merge tool has the efficiency to combine Outlook contacts files into one PST file. The survey was handled by the product development team at their development centre. The survey got completed in merely 2 days that too because of the thorough checking of the feature listing that included many other lineaments other than the combine Outlook contacts list feature. The PST Merge tool assures the users that this combine Outlook contacts software is capable enough to merge contact lists without any adverse affects occurring in the PST files. The first day involved the team members hectically in collecting the results of the online poll done for the survey. This poll was conducted for the users who have used the PST Merge tool full licensed version.
Many of the users answered the poll with positive response and some of them even left highly incontrovertible reviews in the comment column of the online poll. This proved that the user satisfaction is very high regarding the PST Merge tool.
The second day of the survey was occupied in the thorough testing of the software feature by the highly qualified lab team members. This test and trial involved the checking of the combine Outlook contacts files feature of the PST Merge tool. The lab team also tested whether the free of cost version that is downloadable from the website is all right to be used for the users in need to combine Outlook contacts list. The result successfully resulted in a positive note assuring the team to sanction the PST Merge tool as the authentic combine Outlook contacts software.
Evan Swans quoted as saying: – “The team has done a commendable job by conducting the survey as being one of the top most software developing groups of companies it is necessary to be spotless without any doubt. Huge congratulations to the PST Merge tool team for successfully lending users a trustable tool but also emerging as one of the most satisfactory tool of the organization.”

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