common differences found in different ERP brands

Every ERP company offers its brand ( with different marketing strategies. Hence there could be significant differences in procedures, forms, looks, reporting structures, facilities, architecture, database designs, and also the prices for different ERP products. Since these products vary in their functional and technical efficiencies, it is crucial for the client side to decide which product to opt for huge investment.

Of course, most of these products are based on common theory but different implementation experience at their clients. They are evolved from the state of small automation and planning software that was addressing a particular business process. Thus the strengths of these products are different in addressing various business processes.

For example, one popular ERP brand is evolved from inventory management system. Hence, it is very strong in all materials transactions functionalities. Another brand is evolved from maintenance management system, which handles maintenance planning in a unique way with excellent efficiency. One brand is evolved from highly focused area of human resources management. Thus it is obvious to find different strengths and weakness in these products.

It is recommended that the final decision about a suitable ERP system for your requirement should be left to the professionals who could evaluable the system in a theoretical and practical manner.

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