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International adoption is a wonderful work and a nice thing towards parenthood. Adoption rules and regulations may vary from country to country. The different points such as age, adoptive parents, financial status, educational level, marital status and history, number of dependent children in the house. Sexual orientation, weight, health etc are the points which are to specially note and are important from the point of view of adoption. Some points relating to age of the child, expenses, and the amount of travel time required in the child’s own country, can also be varied from country to country. Each country sets its own rules, timelines and requirements surrounding adoption, and there are also rules that vary within the US for each state. Most of the countries require that a parent have to travel to bring the child back home, however some countries allow the child to be escorted to the adopted parents home. Some international adoption programs which are going though the countries are China, Russia and Korea, but their rules and regulations and policies changes. International adoption is called as an adoption in which an individual or couple becomes the legal and permanent parents of a child that is a national of a different country. In general, prospective adoptive parents must meet the legal adoption requirements of their country of residence and those of the country whose nationality the child holds. International adoption is not the same thing an interracial adoption. Some countries like China and Korea have well and favourable rules and procedure for international adoption, while other countries expressly forbid it. Some countries, notable many African nations, have extended residency requirements for adoptive parents that in effect rule out most international adoptions.

An adoptive parent is a natural parent or the biological parents. Many people have not been exposed to the issues and terminology of adoption, which is why many of the unintended events have involve our children at school, often causing emotional distress, happen. As parents, we can wait until the teachers of our children happen to catch a conference, read a book or attend the seminar that will educate them on adoption issues which may or may not happen ever. We can become pro active and take it upon ourselves to meet with the teachers, counsellors and administrators that touch our children’s lives, and give them educator specific information, tools, and above all the one thing that only we can provide are the personal thoughts of an adoptive parent. We often assume that educators are aware of and know how to be sensitive to issues that face the adopted child, especially a Tran’s racial adopted child.

The vision of most of the adoption institutions is to develop awareness and capability in those members of the society who have been deprived of their rights due to inequality and exploitation. These institutions have inspired humanitarian work and have kept itself away from any politics, religious or ideological fundamentalism.
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