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As important it is to build a financial background, it is equally important for an individual to enrich ones emotionally and to build stronger relationships. In a world thriving on competition; many have ignored this aspect and suffered its consequences, at a later point in life not knowing what is the right thing to is a common occurrence, as we cannot explain ourselves why these breakdowns occurs in the first place. For the same reason provide you with the finest licensed professional counselor in LA. Mills counseling services provides you with instant solutions and therapy session to carry on with your life happily resolving all matters that hamper your growth.

Mills counseling service is a network of Lafayette Louisiana social worker and therapists that constantly work and research on different aspects that carve a human being through personal, social and cultural experiences. For the same reason we have the best methods and tact’s to involve our clients in session comfortable to their respective personality helping them get through results as quickly as possible.

Our center deals with issues relative to all aspects of an individual like parental, child or marriage related. Fragile issues such as parental conflict, Parental alienation, Understanding how divorce affects children based on their age and stage of development, Single parenting, How to help your child through a divorce, How being the custodial or non-custodial parent affects your relationship with your child, Children transitioning between two homes and Blended families; these issues are taken into sensitive consideration to get our clients the best outcomes.

At our center we plan on inculcating values and developing one’s thinking to realize how important it is to have a healthy relationship; either with one’s parents, partner or child. For those finding it extremely hard to cope with anger; us at mills counseling services provide a well guided therapy into anger management, making you feel in control of your personality.

It is solely because of our lack of handling personal situations that breed gaps in our lives towards our loved ones. Not knowing where to seek advice; leaves us frustrated and depressed. Having a friend at this time is all that matters. We at mills counseling services aim to be your helping hand through this journey.

With the best of Licensed therapist in Lafayette Louisiana, we constantly search for new ways to cope with stress, depression and anxiety. This helps us understand how to interact with our clients based on their personality. Providing round the clock service Online, we reply as quickly as we can to your submitted post and forms; also providing free phone counseling. Kindly do visit us at

Mills counseling services offers you nothing but a chance to relive all your broken bonds each case is handled by the finest licensed professional counselors in LA. We offer you with the quickest of results helping you get along with your life. We at our center care for human bonds, as one cannot live without them. We are privileged to be a tool in managing issues that bother an individual socially and personally, providing him solutions best for self growth.

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