Staff Donations to Fund Haitian School Replacement by Charity staff is setting aside a portion of monthly pay to underwrite the rebuilding of schools in Haiti. Over a period of several months, these funds will accrue to generate a substantial donation. A reputable not-for-profit will carry out the creation of temporary and permanent schools. This seems like a good fit for a firm dedicated to education. employees have been distressed by news stories from Haiti reporting that hundreds of schools were destroyed and not yet re-built. The thousands of kids who have been made homeless are suffering the loss of their schooling as well.

Our company knows how vital education is to a person, or a nation. To create a positive impact, all employees will be contributing over a period of several months. The accumulated sum will go to the setting up of tent schools and building new buildings by a charity under consideration currently. We cannot solve all problems in Haiti, but we can take a step that will bear fruit in the future.

We take principled stands here at You can read more about our civic involvement at Ecological responsibility, the development of democracy, employee health; all these have our support.

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