Court Over Trouble Marriages

Court Over Trouble Marriages 2

Paul Simon and wife Edie Brickell made an unscheduled appearance in Court on Saturday following a domestic dispute which evidently became physical, with Brickell’s mother calling the police.

The subsequent appearance in Court saw Brickell, a Grammy winner herself, admit she had started the argument with a statement released to CNN by her lawyer saying,  “I got my feelings hurt and I picked a fight with my husband.”.  “The police called it disorderly.  Thank God it’s orderly now”

The network reported that Simon and Brickell were arrested on disorderly conduct charges by police investigating a family dispute at their New Canaan, Connecticut, home Saturday night, according to police. “Investigating officers gathered information and found probable cause to arrest” Simon, 72, and Brickell, 47, a police statement said.


They held hands when appearing before a judge in the Norwalk Superior Court Monday.


“Edie and I are fine,” Simon said. “We’re going to see our son’s baseball game this afternoon.”


The judge declined to issue a protective order that would have kept Simon and Brickell apart. Their case was continued until May 16.

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