Creativity Spray – One Of The Top 8 Good Vibe Sprays Available

“It is curious how one’s feelings about trees change, in proportion to one’s appreciation of their importance and dignity as live beings. Trees are individual beings: they can be comic, heroic, tragic to the sensitive, practiced eye of the landscape artist.”

Vibrational essences and essential oils mixed together make some of the finest natural body and room mists in the world!

The 8 good vibe sprays are both for enjoyment of their beautiful scents and to enhance our emotional well being!

The sprays make perfect natural perfume mists. Mist around the body and around your room. They don’t have the heavy cloying feeling of synthetic products and may be worn as a personal unique, exquisite and delicate fragrance. They are a pleasure to use as well as being a healing tool that changes the resonance around you.

A team tested the aromatic formulations for each mist. They are handcrafted with care and just like a painting are for us an expression of creativity and playfulness.

Creativity spray

The creativity spray is about inspiration, opening the doors of creative perception! It calls forth our personal muse.

Scents can inspire us: this spray has the captivating scent of orange blossoms with notes of rose and tamarack. Simply mist around your body, in your room or creative studio to benefit.

The creativity spray acts in synch with our ponderosa pine and pussy willow essences. These 2 essences encourage creativity. Ponderosa pine helps us to focus our creative energies, to dare to venture, to dare to follow our creative dreams. The pussy willow essence is about creative flow. It brings sensual awareness: so all our senses can be engaged in the process of creation. Used alone or along with the creativity spray, writers, dancers, composers, musicians, film makers, sculptures, designers — anyone in any act of creation, big or small — can give wings to their creative processes.

Sometimes we lose confidence in our creative abilities. Sometimes we just cannot seem to get motivated, as if our well is dry. Sometimes all it might take to get our creative juices flowing is a little inspiration, a spark to set us alight. The creativity spray may add that energetic note to get us feeling, dreaming, imagining. We pick up our pen and begin to write. We apply colors to our canvas, or sketch out a dance choreography.

“Cleaning a floor can be a tremendously creative act. Remember, creativity has nothing to do with any particular work. Creativity has something to do with the quality of your consciousness.”

Osho, nirvana: the last nightmare

The creativity spray is also an inspiration in ordinary life, to inspire us in our moment to moment daily activities. The creativity spray works with our perceptions and awareness via its positive resonance, as do all vibrational sprays and essences, resulting in transformation of how we approach the simplest and most basic elements in our life. Even ordinary activities can become creative: cooking a meal, decorating a cake, planting flows in our garden, arranging cushions on the sofa at every step of creation, even when accomplishing the most basic tasks of life, to the step by step workings and struggles of the creative process and to moments of joyful inspiration, the creativity spray helps us enter a positive cycle of creative endeavor.

All the good vibe sprays are for external use. Mist the body and around a physical space. They are gentle and safe, but should not be sprayed in the eyes.

The good vibe sprays make a fun gift for friends or companions and are a perfect way to introduce them to the realm of vibrational healing.

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To your creative inspiration!


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