Critical Illness Insurance – provides ample protection in the event of future health problems

Let’s face it, when you are young, fit and healthy, the last thing you ever think about is developing a critical illness that can leave you unable to work and in financial dire straits or even taking out a critical illness insurance policy. For many, the idea that a critical illness can occur unexpectedly is far from their closest concerns or thoughts and as such the whole notion of protective policies is not as an immediate worry during youthful years as what should be thought. Statistically there are over 70% of Britons who have no plans or insurance policies in place to protect them in the event of suffering a critical illness.

Regardless of your lifestyle, career, dietary intake and exercise habits, there is no guarantee that you will be affected by a serious and critical illness. There are more certain illnesses that can be avoided such as cardiovascular issues and circulatory diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and pulmonary issues, organ failure and more. However these illnesses can still strike even the healthiest individuals as can cancer and a host of mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

There really is no yes or no answer when guaranteeing if you will fall susceptible to a critical illness at some point in the future, just as we all have buildings insurance but the chances of your home being bulldozed by a runaway JCB is highly unlikely, it is not to say that it could never happen. Understanding the importance in ensuring that you can find the right level of protection that doesn’t cost the earth, companies such as Critical Illness Insurance make it their task to educate and provide viable, affordable and beneficial insurance policies that will pay out lump cash sums if the policy holder does develop a critical illness.

The difference with Critical Illness insurance over life insurance is that you can benefit from the payout, going to you personally instead of a beneficiary, to ease the severity of your financial situation whilst making your life as comfortable as possible. You receive the payout after an allotted waiting period, which is usually 28 days and receive the whole amount that you were insured for.

As one of the specialist insurance providers concentrating solely on Critical Illness Insurance you can rest assured that you will be met with a competent and expert provider here at Critical Illness Insurance. Our commitment to finding the right level of cover to suit your needs, budget and requirements is paramount. Critical illnesses are becoming more commonly reported and now there is the ideal insurance cover to protect you.

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