Cross Promotion – An Iron Clad Marketing Technique

First of all, what is cross promotion? Cross promotion is a marketing technique that teams two separate businesses together to reach an increased market. This could be a hair salon collaborating with a massage parlor, or a roofing contractor teaming up with a gutter company. The list of possible cross promotion teams is endless, as are the potential benefits.
Broaden Your Marketing Horizons

By teaming up with another company, you easily reach potential clients that would have otherwise not been a consideration. Let’s take the hair salon and the massage parlor as an example. We’ll say that each offers a 20 percent discount when both hair services and a massage are purchased simultaneously. When a regular salon client comes in for their appointment and finds out that they can now receive a discount on both services, they may very well decide that they want to capitalize on this bonus when they really were not in the market for a massage at all. Obviously, this will work both ways.
Reduce Your Marketing Expenses

Another benefit of cross promotion is that you can actually advertise more aggressively with less cost because the price will be shared with the other business. This means that you can include both business names and contact information in every form of advertising that you use to promote this special. This will allow you to have more advertising avenues and less out of pocket expense.
Build Credibility

By teaming up with another business, you actually establish or increase the credibility of your own business. You present yourself as an established member of the local business community. It’s like having the other business give you a stamp of approval, and that causes potential clients to trust you.
Hidden Benefits of Working with a Partner

By working with another responsible partner, you reduce your own workload. When each party does their part, there is less on each participant’s plate. If you have chosen a good partner, you will also have someone to bounce ideas off. This will inspire both of you to think outside the box. The reciprocal word of mouth from the partnering business is free advertising to boot.

Make sure that you plan your cross-promotion well enough in advance to allow yourselves enough time to adequately get the word out. The better your marketing campaign, the better your success will be. Another great tool is to give away a specialty promotional item to each customer. This is not a new idea, however if you can choose an item that will suit the needs of both companies and have it embossed with the logos and contact information of both companies you have just found a new way to save money and promote customer loyalty. If that just doesn’t seem feasible, each company will need to have their own items, but each should give out both gifts to their clients.

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Author Bio:

Red Fish Marketing is a Sydney based company established in 2006 and is 100% Australian-owned. We specialise in providing creative promotional product solutions to an impressive list of local and global based clients. We understand that your brand is an asset; your aims, products, services and processes are unique; so your promotional ideas should be too. That’s why at Red Fish we always add value and passion to whatever we do.

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