Cruise Ship Pool Boy Indicted after Alleged Underage Sexual Liason – Second Cruise Ship Incident for Company – A cruise ship employee has been indicted for allegedly arranging a locker room liason with an underage girl.

The defendants, a pool boy with a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, is Fabian Palmer, 25 who was indicted on sex abuse of a minor following an accusation that he enticed a 14 year old girl into a sexual encounter on the ship, which left Baltimore on December 17.

After befriending the girl and her family earlier in the cruise, Palmer allegedly took her into a men’s locker room on Dec. 23 and began having sex with her until another worker knocked on the door, the victim told authorities.

A surveillance camera captured footage that showed “the likeness of Palmer,” the victim and the other worker outside the locker room at roughly the same time as in the victim’s complaint, the paper reported.

When questioned by Royal Caribbean officials, Palmer admitted to having had sex with the girl, but said he was under the impression that she was 16 years-old.

The indictment against Palmer is the second on a Royal Caribbean cruishe ship following an incident on Jaunary 3 when two male workers on the ship allegedly raped a 15 year old girl. They were arrested last week.

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