Welcomes another PhD: Scholarship in All Fields at New High Level

Congratulations to our new PhD! Yet another colleague has the privilege of being called “Doctor”. At our office celebration, we took a count, and realized that now can boast of PhDs in each of the major fields of study. This demonstrates both the brains and commitment of our staff, and the support of our firm. Our customers, naturally, can expect a commensurately elevated level of scholarship in their projects.

This is not the first time that we have used the mortarboard cake decoration, and congratulatory banner to decorate the lunchroom. A number of cubicles sport such diplomas already. has encouraged employees to pursue advanced degrees since our beginnings. The strenuous, lengthy process of adding to the world’s knowledge is inspiring, and instructive to all the staff.

With our recently honored colleague’s degree in Chemistry, it transpires that we have a Doctorate in all main subject areas. We regard this as a landmark event. Although all our writers are highly qualified, and entirely competent, this adds a certain undeniable cachet!

Our customers can count on intellectual rigor in their projects, confident that every paper is produced in an environment of collegial excellence. You can read more about some of our other employee achievements at our website,

About Us: promotes education in all aspects of our operations. Our corporate goal is supporting our clients in their academic writing projects. We constantly improve that support is by promoting our employees’ professional development. Whether through in-house seminars, or off-site courses, our writers and editors continue to acquiring skills and knowledge. This assures us that they will be able to respond to any assignment, no matter how arcane or current.

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