Bans Smoking Indoors: Staff Health and Productivity Hoped To Improve has tried to improve employee health for years. Now, in line with the practices of some prominent educational institutions, has banned smoking on our office campus. We expect it to help staff kick the habit and save their lungs! As with any health initiative, we look forward to efficiencies as a result.

We have had smoke free offices for some time now, but the example of the City University of New York is inspiring. They’ve banned smoking for 100 feet around their campus. Now, so do we!

We’ve already taken a variety of steps to discourage this health hazard. For example, employees earn bonuses by quitting for over a month. We long ago prohibited coffin nails in the offices themselves. This new step, however, will multiply the inconvenience of smoking for our staff. We hope they will take the opportunity to quit.

Consider inclement weather, the need to put on a coat or sunscreen, the loss of productive work time – these are all deterrents to lighting up, and we are thrilled! Lest anyone imagine that management are ogres, let us note that smoking causes more morbidity than almost any other factor.

Our past efforts to safeguard our staff’s health are listed at our website. Click on to see them all, and find a full description of the services our staff provides.

About Us: has built a cohesive group of highly qualified writers and editors, and we want to hang on to them as long as we can! They give our customers personal, expert service with all sorts of writing projects. Safeguarding our staff’s health is one way we protect our working assets!

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