Staff Learn Languages From Pros: Research, Communication To Profit goes multilingual! Ongoing language classes will enhance our staff’s capabilities in dealing with globally distributed customers, and increase access to reference works. More than just a second (or third) language, expects that employees will garner new perspectives for our customers’ projects.

As might be expected from a group of writers and editors with a tidy pile of advanced degrees among them, many already have a number of extra languages under their belts.’s new initiative, however, is not limited to the writing staff. All employees, including all support staff, are invited to attend the classes in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. This should help them communicate clearly with even more of our customers.

For our writing staff, the addition of an in-depth comprehension of another language has many documented benefits. The potential for complex thinking is increased. Learning another language allows writers to attain a deeper understanding of the culture and history of any of the countries where it is spoken. Additionally, a new language will open up access to a much larger range of references. has hired professional educators before to expand our staff’s knowledge and skills, with gratifying results for our customers. You can read about our training initiatives at our website, There are samples of our writers’ work there, as well, and a list of all our services.

About Us: management recruits people with a vast array of skills, and then provides numerous opportunities for professional development. The result? We can help our customers with all their assignments and projects, no matter the subject. Obscure source material, even those in other languages, are entirely feasible for us, as are oddball formats.

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