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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Dec. 29, 2010 – A lot of companies nowadays offer less benefits for their employees. That includes insurance policy cuts and other benefits, and that is understandable in a lot of cases. The current economic situations simply requires to cut costs in order for businesses to survive. But the situation is a bit different in the freelance writing market – the economic crisis offered more jobs for freelancers, which were earlier occupied by full time employees. And that’s when the business, which is thriving has to do everything possible to increase the welfare of its employees.
“That’s why we have stepped in with a number of solutions. They are cost-effective at least, and provide great feedback from the employees.” – says Carolyn Marwick, one of the senior managers at the project. The project offers some freebies for the employees. First of all, the in-house freelance writers receive a bonus every month for their work, in case if they haven’t violated any rules and fulfilled all of their duties properly. And on top of that, 3 best writers receive a vacation bonus – the company pays 20% for their tickets, in case if the writers decide to travel during the vacation.
“Some companies might call this stupid, some might call it generosity” – says Carolyn, “…but the important thing to remember is that our efforts are making a difference”. And based on the annual business analysis performed by an independent group of professionals, the management of the project can truly see how the employees cherish what they receive from the company.
Spreading the wealth isn’t that popular among companies, especially if we are talking about small businesses, or something bigger, but below average. The long term results of similar activities, implemented by companies may result in employee loyalty and the longer the staff sticks together, the more experienced it is; because employees are constantly exchanging their experiences a lot easier when the bonds inside of a company are closer.
The project for providing custom written papers was launched in 2006. Since then, we have furnished our customized paper service to thousands of satisfied clients. Our initial goal is to shift, and in some cases, even redefine, how people pursue their education. We want to make it a more beneficial, less stressful experience. At the same time, we wanted to allow people to apply more of their efforts improving their well-deserved grades. We keep up with the time, and take note of the increasing popularity of such custom writing services around the web! We understand the needs of our growing clientele. They expect outstanding content, on-schedule delivery, and absolutely no plagiarism in our products.

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