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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Jan. 19, 2010 – Of course, today businesses tend to limit the access of their employees to social networks. That is reasonable, because the workers stay focused on their direct duties and thus perform better, in general. But this is not always the case, as was discovered by the project.
During a period of a month, the project managers closely monitored activities of their employees online. The staff was warned about the monitoring, and there weren’t actually any direct bans on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. So the staff wasn’t really concerned about the experiment.
“We wanted the staff to be aware of the situation with the experiment, but at the same time provided some space for freedom of action. We did that to decrease the possible bias of the results, because if the staffers knew about the exact reasons of the monitoring, they would have acted differently” – explains Carolyn Marwick, one of the head managers at the academic writing project.
And the results were interesting, indeed. Most of the office workers interacted with Facebook more than 2 dozen times a day. Looks pretty serious, right? Actually, no. For most of the users they were logged in to the Facebook the whole day. But they have actually interacted with the page on a minor level: refreshed the page, accepted a request, sent a messages, etc. The whole thing took about 5-10 minutes a day. For freelance writers, who work in-office with the project this actually provided a useful short-term distraction.
The workers who were known for being less productive usually, performed the same way with Facebook and Twitter: they became even less productive than usually. So basically, the results discovered that if a staffer is initially responsible, than there is nothing, which could distract him from doing their job. And on contrary – if you weren’t a good worker right from the start, social networks are only making it worse for you. Of course for the latter – proxy restrictions followed.
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