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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Feb.8, 2010 – Writing is a difficult occupation. When you are inspired to write a certain piece of literary material, then it’s all simple – just follow your urge, and the works will come. But for writers working in custom academic writing companies, like, the situation is a bit different.
“The writers do not always write something, they feel comfortable writing about. I mean, we don;t make writers take particular orders. But often they have to complete a job for a returned customer, which we want to keep. Or maybe the writer takes a job, which he feels confident about at first, but then he realizes that it’s different/harder, etc. It might be to late for him/her to decline the order. That’s why there may be a lot of pressure” – says Carolyn Marwick, one of the head managers at the academic writing project.
In cases like the ones, which were described by Carolyn, it may be really hard to stay focused on a job, which the writer is not creatively interested in. That’s why custom academic writing project has a specific set of criteria, under which they select their writers. The Quality Assurance Dpt. is one of the biggest in the company, because they recruit the writers. Each writer is tested individually using a set of test tasks, an interview (personal or over the phone) and the list goes on.
All this, just to perfect the process and make sure, that when the writer is hired, he/she can live to the expectations: deliver his jobs on time, of proper quality and complexity and of course without any notion of plagiarism. That’s why being one of those chosen writers is really hard – you have to be ready all the time: stay up late, if the customers needs the job ASAP, always go that extra mile to provide the results. And that’s why this work is rewarded so adequately.
The project for providing custom written papers was launched in 2006. Since then, we have furnished our customized paper service to thousands of satisfied clients. Our initial goal is to shift, and in some cases, even redefine, how people pursue their education. We want to make it a more beneficial, less stressful experience. At the same time, we wanted to allow people to apply more of their efforts improving their well-deserved grades. We keep up with the time, and take note of the increasing popularity of such custom writing services around the web! We understand the needs of our growing clientele. They expect outstanding content, on-schedule delivery, and absolutely no plagiarism in our products.

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