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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Jan. 5, 2011 – For a lot of people work is such a drag. These days a lot of office workers aren’t satisfied with their working conditions. Mainly because the work eventually turns into routine and each days seems to be the same. And for people who experience this for a lot of years this can really be depressing.
“I know myself how it feels to be a ‘machine’, doing the same job over and over again. You obtain this ‘deja vu syndrome’ , when you feel like you have done something before. And that’s only because it’s true – you do the same stuff, every day. Yeah, my previous job was really depressing” – says Carolyn Marwick, one of the head managers at the project. And that’s why when she first arrived to the project, her first initiative was to change thes habits of people, working in the office.
“When I first got here, this was a mundane and average office – just like the thousands you can see across the country” – says Carolyn. “And in such a creative market, which operate in – this is like |a suicide’ for the staff” – she explains further.
That’s why the Managerial Dpt. was instructed to get the people out of the office for sanitary reasons. First of all, it provides more room to get the air in, because most of the windows are opened right after the break. Staff is not allowed back in until the end of the break. This: a) allows them to spend some time with colleagues; b) allows them to breathe some fresh air and stretch themselves. This rule in turn spurred a number of lunch habits within the staff: frisbee matches, etc. They even have a volleyball tournament between the departments and the grand prize, you’ll never guess, is a frozen chicken. And nobody remembers how that traditions started.
That’s how companies should start working with their staff to create a better working environment for each employee; and for all of them in general.
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