Struggles for Equal Rights for Women and Sets Its Own Example

The company management of is sure that since online custom writing is a relatively new niche of business those companies that operate in this niche bear especial responsibility. Being a pioneer is not just skimming the cream off the current state of the industry; it also means pioneering in one’s working procedure. Thus, tries to be in tune with the latest trends of the modern world and equalize the representation of men and women among company’s custom writers.
“Up until last week almost 70% of our staff was men,” says the chief of staff department. “Perhaps, one can say it is quite natural since men feel a more strong inclination toward scientific and research occupations but we, in think it is complete nonsense. Moreover, women are generally much more meticulous and punctual, which is very important for a custom writer.”
Certainly, the management of was not even considering the possibility of disposing of part of the male staff, which would be just another side of discrimination. Instead, increased the number of its female custom writers, thus increasing the overall staff of custom writers ready to assist the company’s clients with their academic assignments.
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