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SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, Dec. 29, 2010 – It’s hard to be innovative and keep the traditions alive, while you have a dynamic company, which tries to keep up with the market. But freelance writing project manages to do both.
“What exactly can you call traditions of freelance writing? That’s pretty hard….the communications I guess – open and straightforward. We always try to make sure the communication is personal, but at the same time secure: according to all of the modern standards.” – says Jennifer Burns, one of the head managers at the The project also keeps some of the less official traditions. Every couple of week they have a copy machine race – 2 copy machines, 6 people and 2 pieces of rope. This looks something like a horse race. Looks really silly, but provides a ton of entertainment for the staff. The copy machines are no longer in use, but there is still space for them in the office, just like for any other tradition, which makes the staff a better, family-like community with respect for each other.
“That’s what it’s all about – keeping the tradition, is like keeping a fire burning in the fireplace in your cozy living room. A lot of staffers miss the old days, when the relationships inside of the staff were different, much closer. But now we have a bigger staff. And these traditions remind them of the true soul of the company, it’s attitude towards the employees and provides a good example of how new comers should feel themselves inside of the new environment.” – explains Andrew Schwartz, one of the head managers at the project, in detail.
Tradition is what makes up anything. Can you imagine Christmas without the Christmas Tree? That’s pretty hard and for a lot of people Christmas Tree is a reminder of something good and worm. Same goes for the – if the employees of the project will keep the traditions alive, the project will be alive too, through the memories of different contests, picnics or Christmas parties. Any company should be able to maintain its traditions for the good of the business.
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