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SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, Jan. 19, 2010 – When a person, who is not acquainted with freelance writing is asked about their opinion on it, they usually have their own perspective. People have a certain image of a freelance writer: he/she is highly educated, works with major publishing companies and or publications like magazines and newspapers. Of course, a lot of that holds truth for a lot of freelance writers. But there is a different kind of freelance writing, which RWC explores deeper and deeper with every year.
“That’s what a lot of new freelance writers expect – a part-time job with some sort of a publication, periodical, etc. But most of them are intrigued about what we have to offer and eventually they find our jobs more challenging and interesting to accomplish.” – says Jennifer Burns, one of the head managers at the freelance writing project.
Indeed, academic freelance writing may be even more challenging than working with a publication. Given that RWC provides services to clients of all educational levels, there might be quite complex assignments of PhD levels involved. At the same a freelance writer working with the RWC is a valuable instrument of support for the client, as the works provided by the RWC serve as valuable sources of information for the clients. That also counts for the thousands of pages, which were edited by the RWC writers, allowing the clients to refine their CVs, presentations, et cetera.
The writers within the project find their work rewarding. Financially, as well as personally. There’s nothing similar to a praise from a satisfied customer, and/or a bonus for hard hours of researching, writing, analyzing. That’s why more and more freelance writers every year find the RWC writing project more and more appealing. “With such growth rates, we should soon start thinking about an upgrade of our hardware capabilities to be able to maintain the community available for the increasing number of freelance writers.” – proudly states Mrs. Burns. Profiling a freelance writing community into an academic assistant might seem to be worthwhile, and existing freelance writing communities should think about it more closely.
About is a global freelance writing community where satisfied customers and skilled writers meet. Being in online freelance writing business for quite a few years now, RWC is here to provide stable and reliable job for writers all across the globe. What was started as a partnership, RWC has grown to become a freelance network with hundreds of skilled writers and a dedicated support team.
We firmly believe that quality work is not a matter of geographic location, native language, or color of skin. Quality freelance writing work is a matter of attitude and professionalism.

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