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SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, Jan. 26, 2010 – The is one of the biggest and most prominent online communities for freelance writers. There are a lot of projects on the web, which provide communication between freelance writers and their customers. But is different, because it is constantly in a state of innovation.
“We are trying to do everything possible to be ahead of the competition all the time. The main problem with this is that you always have to keep going. Realizing the fact, that the market won’t wait for us, keeps us in the leading pack.” – says Andrew Schwartz, one of the head managers at the freelance writing project. One of the last initiatives, which came from the RWC is providing a new interface for its users. The IT Dpt. gathered gigabytes of useful information, which later on was used during the design, usability tests and implementation of the system. “We are really proud of the final product and are sure, that it will dramatically increase the productivity of our writers.” – Andrew adds.
A systematic approach towards such a complex issue as the implementation of a new user interface requires collaboration of the whole company. Each Dpt. played an important role is creating the interface: feedback from each one of the employees was analyzed and transformed into designs, which later on were tested by these very same employees. So as you can see its a circle. But there is an important link, which might stand above the rest. Of course the feedback is important, but how can you identify the most important pieces of information and and transform that into technical assignment for the IT Dpt.? This is a really tricky part and that’s why the RWC is proud of their business analytics, who are able to perform such a task.
As you can see implementing any changes into a working production scheme is really hard. But, as the time goes by, it is even harder to keep the business afloat without being able to keep up with the competition. Upgrades and new developments are a necessity for a modern business – evolution of the enterprise. If your business fails to evolve it won’t last long!
About is a global freelance writing community where satisfied customers and skilled writers meet. Being in online freelance writing business for quite a few years now, RWC is here to provide stable and reliable job for writers all across the globe. What was started as a partnership, RWC has grown to become a freelance network with hundreds of skilled writers and a dedicated support team.
We firmly believe that quality work is not a matter of geographic location, native language, or color of skin. Quality freelance writing work is a matter of attitude and professionalism.

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