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SHEFFIELD, UNITED KINGDOM, Feb. 8, 2011 – There are a lot of talented people among us, and the problem for a lot of them is that there aren’t that many opportunities for all of them to demonstrate their skills. That’s why the decided to organize this essay writing contest – to reveal those talented people, who are able to create literary masterpieces, but haven’t had a chance.

“We wanted to show people, how they are talented, educated and genuine. Writing generally isn’t pertained as an art by a lot of people. I’m not talking about fiction or poetry, but about ordinary academic writing – essays. We forget that conveying your thoughts and ideas in a convincing form is difficult and challenging” – says Jennifer Burns, one of the head managers at the project: one of the leading global freelance writing communities.
Anyone can submit an essay and receive an opportunity to win. All you have to do is go to the Facebook Fan page of the ResearchWritingCenter at
Find the tab Contests and follow all of the instructions presented there.
You need to remember, that you have to be original with your work. A 100 dollar grand prize is something not any freelance writer may earn for a 200 word essay. So the main suggestions from RWC: think outside the box – be creative and original; don’t write something that might be pertained as banal, dull material with no particular value. The judges will also pay attention to grammar and all of the submissions will be checked for plagiarism, before any further evaluation.
Although there is still plenty of time (the submissions will be accepted until the beginning of March), you might want to think about drafting your essay beforehand. The more time you spend optimizing and perfecting your writing within the essay – the more your chances are to win the grand prize, which if you forgot is $100.
About is a global freelance writing community where satisfied customers and skilled writers meet. Being in online freelance writing business for quite a few years now, RWC is here to provide stable and reliable job for writers all across the globe. What was started as a partnership, RWC has grown to become a freelance network with hundreds of skilled writers and a dedicated support team.
We firmly believe that quality work is not a matter of geographic location, native language, or color of skin. Quality freelance writing work is a matter of attitude and professionalism.

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