Customer’s Judgment is Above All: The Writing Contest at

“Competition is an engine of progress.” This was the main idea of the essay writing contest arranged between the custom writers of Blending public benefit and fun, the event once again proved that essay writing is not only a responsible job but a joyful experience as well. Apart from fun and new challenges on both sides the event proved to be beneficial for both the customer’s jury and the company’s writers since customer’s gained new discounts and writers acquired an invaluable experience.

The idea first appeared in the walls of the Quality Assurance department as a humble test to reveal the best writers. But ever since the marketing department became aware of the coming event the idea transformed into a writing session designed to refine the fine art of academic writing and ensure even closer cooperation between customer and author.

Thus, a jury has been selected from the most active clients who had an opportunity to feel themselves professors by selecting the required topics and issuing instructions. When all the aspects were settled the fun began. As a result the members of the customer’s jury gained personal 10% discounts for all the services of for the entire month and three most impressive writers have acquired a higher status.

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