Customizable Teaching Materials Make a Balanced Curriculum Achievable

Flat Rock, Michigan January 26, 2010—In the past, educators of all kinds have had to deal with curriculum material designed to teach all children — regardless of learning speed or style — at the same pace. The new Complete Curriculum program, released in January 2010, has come to solve that problem. This innovative web portal will allow educators, parents and educational vendors the opportunity to access online digital materials that allow for customization for any child at any learning level. The program makes it easy for educators to balance their curriculum and make sure their students learn.

Complete Curriculum offers a full line of K-12 customized, digital textbooks, as well as K 12 lesson plans. Whether an educator is looking for an English curriculum or elementary textbooks, Complete Curriculum offers whatever their individual students require to learn the subject adequately. After finding what they need, educators will have the ability to manipulate the specific grade levels, cognitive levels and student interests addressed by their classroom material. This makes it possible for texts to be geared to the specific needs students based on teacher assessments.

Additionally, custom textbooks make it easy for educators to follow school requirements identified by their specific school district or state. Utilizing all the tools that Complete Curriculum offers, teachers can build a collection of curricula in all subjects that will not only ensure a balanced teaching program, but also that all district or state standards are met by their students.

“Complete Curriculum offers a digital syllabus, digital lesson plans, digital textbooks and digital instruction manuals for complete K-12 mathematics curriculum, science curriculum, social studies curriculum and language arts curriculum,” says Founder Alison Cancilliari. “[Our] digital texts and supplemental materials accommodate the varying challenges experienced by all educators in all types of learning environments – challenges such as the prohibitive costs of contemporary texts to differentiated instruction.”

It is no longer necessary for teachers to struggle with catering to their students’ individual learning needs. Through Complete Curriculum, educators can build a solid, balanced learning plan that guarantees success in their classrooms.
About Complete Curriculum
Complete Curriculum’s K-12 language arts, math, science and social studies digital textbooks provide teachers and parents with quality, affordable, accessible digital educational content. The content is provided in an easily downloadable format accessible through a user-friendly, web-based bookshelf that allows the instructor to customize instruction while engaging the student through the development use of 21st century skills.
By blending academic, social and interpersonal skill development, Complete Curriculum’s digital textbooks give educators and parent the opportunity to effectively impact a student’s ability to accelerate in and out of the classroom.
For more information, visit Complete Curriculum’s website at You can also contact Alison Cancilliari by mail at P.O. Box 45, Flat Rock, MI 48134, or by telephone at 1-888-675-8398.

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