clientele. FleshLight is a revolutionary adult toy for men that simulate oral, straight, or anal sex, while We-Vibe II offers women fantastic orgasms with simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris.

[CITY], [STATE], [Date] – Dallas Novelty has opened its website at www.dallasnovelty.com to better serve its customers from various parts of the world. This company provides an extensive range of adult sex toys, books, and other products that are designed to greatly enhance the pleasure from engaging in various forms of sex.
One of the products that the company has especially devoted itself to is the FleshLight, a range of discreet sex toys for men. These masturbators are designed to simulate various kinds of sexual positions, including straight vaginal intercourse, anal sex, and oral sex. These adult toys are discreet, looking like ordinary flashlights, but instead of a light bulb, they are provided with an opening for male sexual pleasure. The innovative material used for this product has a texture and feel that is very similar to that of real skin.

This sex toy for men can be shaped like a vagina, butt, or mouth. The inner sleeve has been engineered to simulate what a man should feel when engaged in these sexual positions. Because all that is required in enjoying a FleshLite is a water-based lubricant, this is an extremely popular product and more than 2 million FleshLights have already been sold.

Of course, Dallas Novelty also offers a special product for women, and this is the We-Vibe 2, which is considered to be the ultimate adult sex toy for women. We-Vibe II is an exceptionally versatile product that is small enough and shaped in a discreet way. Without a hint, anyone who sees this toy in a woman’s purse will never guess what it is for. In reality, this is a vibrator that is designed to fit the shape of a woman’s body in such a way that it provides stimulation for the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time.

We-Vibe 2 can be run at low speed or high speed, with the faster speed designed for heightened pleasure to reach sexual peaks. To provide variety, this innovative adult sex toy even has seven kinds of pulse patterns. And to top it all, this product is also a couple’s vibe, or a vibrator that can be comfortably worn by the woman during intercourse to enhance orgasm and pleasure for both the man and the woman.

Aside from these best-selling adult sex toys, there are many other items available through Dallas Novelty.

About Dallas Novelty

Dallas Novelty offers a broad range of adult novelty items, books, sex toys, and sexuality-related products. The company believes that sexual awareness is a vital component of human nature and hopes to promote a positive attitude regarding the exploration of one’s sexuality. As such, it strives to provide free information regarding the appropriate and safe use of and care for these sexuality-related adult toys. The company also promotes better understanding of the true nature of human sexuality to spread awareness about one’s self culture, interpersonal and intimate relationships.

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