“Popcorning” – Dangerous for Adults, Teens, and Children Alike

Part of Popcorn machine, isolated on white
Part of Popcorn machine, isolated on white

If you’ve been on the internet recently, you have likely seen the explosion of prank videos that are making it on nearly every site. Whether it be Vine, YouTube, or Facebook, friends enjoy getting laughs from causing problems for their friends in a variety of ways. Many of these pranks are harmless and can evoke laughs from everyone involved and the audience. However, certain “pranks” can instead cause severe injury or even death. Watch some examples below:

Airbag pranks, or “popcorning,” has taken many young people by storm. The use of such pranks is reckless, to say the least. Using airbags underneath an unsuspecting victim can cause them to have broken bones, be thrown through the air, or cause lacerations. Many airbags operate at rapid speed and are described in Car and Driver magazine by a General Motors airbag engineer as, “a very fast, well-controlled chemical reaction. And heat and gas are the result.î All of those reactions with the element of surprise can cause severe problems. Watch below to see such force in action:

Considering faulty airbags in their proper place in the car can cause recalls, their improper use should be avoided at all times. The Chicago Sun Times reports on over 200,000 Chrysler vehicles recalled due to a faulty airbag. Young adults and children that get involved in such activity are at a significantly increased risk of injury. While this may seem like harmless play to the uninformed observer, there have been cases as severe as spinal injury, as Los Angeles personal injury expert Michael Ehline wrote about on his legal blog.

This growing trend is increasingly dangerous and one that should be avoided at all costs. If you know of anyone that is thinking about trying this “harmless” prank, make sure to stop them dead in their tracks.

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