Direct Mailing with a Twist to Get Your Business Noticed

When it comes to marketing, every business owner or manager wants to ensure that their advertising efforts will not be off-handedly dismissed. There are so many advertising weapons in the arsenal today. They range from newspaper and phone book advertising to billboards and television commercials, with a myriad of choices in between. People are inundated with advertising at every turn. Most people have become numb to the constant deluge of fiery marketing darts that greet them at every turn.

With most advertising methods, you have a brief window of opportunity to get your reader’s attention. Newspapers, magazine, billboards, and even websites, offer only a brief, shining moment of being before the eyes of your potential client. Then you only hope that your ad was visible long enough and adequately interested your would-be client to cause them to secure the pertinent information to contact you.
How to Break through to the Desensitized Audience

What will actually make your potential customer take the time to stop, read your sales pitch, and provide them the pertinent information with no effort on their part? The answer is simply direct mailing. What will prevent your soon to be client from discarding your direct mailing propaganda without even opening it? Include a small, yet somewhat bulky, gift as a token of appreciation for taking the time to read your pitch.

The vast majority of people that receive an envelope in the mail that obviously contains a small object, will not only open the package, but will also read the enclosed material. On the off chance that they simply disregard your sales material, they will most likely keep the small Corporate Gifts. This offers them the opportunity to refer to it later when they actually need your product or service.
What Type of Thank You Gift Should You Enclose?

There are many items that would make excellent thank you gifts and would easily enclose in a sales letter. When selecting your item, here are a few things to consider:

• Cost – Obviously, you will want to be certain that the product fits your budget.
• Size – The item must be bulky enough for the recipient to realize that the envelope contains an object, yet small enough to easily fit in the mailing envelope.
• Weight – If your item weighs too much, it may affect the mailing rates. Be sure to check out the mailing rates and qualifications when selecting your item.
• Usefulness – The more useful and desirable the Corporate Gifts is, the better chance that the recipient will keep the item and have it available when the need for your business arises.

Stop shooting blindly, hoping that you are fortunate enough to land a very small percentage of clients! Instead, carefully select your would-be clientele, set your sights and deliver an attention-grabbing effective marketing appeal that will penetrate the advertising fog that they ignore on a daily basis. Visit to find some of the most awesome specialty items available. The professional staff will help you select the best specialty item for your business to deliver a long-lasting campaign that will secure new clients.

Author Bio:

Red Fish Marketing is a Sydney based company established in 2006 and is 100% Australian-owned. We specialise in providing creative promotional product solutions to an impressive list of local and global based clients. We understand that your brand is an asset; your aims, products, services and processes are unique; so your promotional ideas should be too. That’s why at Red Fish we always add value and passion to whatever we do.

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