Disposable Camera For Capturing The Wedding Moments

Time and tide waits for none. A fleeting moment they say occurs but once in a lifetime and never to recur. If we have only we could capture that moment then, to keep it immortalized for times to come. This and the likes are phrases we hear most often spoken during the course of a marriage ceremony. Hear the snatches of conversation amongst groups of people during a marriage ceremony and we hear these expressions of missed opportunity.

Marriage a ceremony heralding joy and happiness, it revolves around the two most important persons, the couple to be married, but involves all others who attend the ceremony and share these joyous moments with the marrying couple. A marriage ceremony is a fertile ground for people to meet. Cherished moments of expression, of surprise and exultation are but common features that are abundant on such an occasion. Yet we miss out these cherished moments for want of a means to capture them. We repent on recollection of a moment humorous which was not captured when it had occurred. We repent on a pose or posture taken up by an individual during the course of the marriage which would sure have made it to the hall of fame had it been captured. But alas with just a few roving lens covering the entire ceremony period many a treasured moments had to be missed out.

We at favorsplus.com.au have just the perfect gadget for capturing these moments. How about you hand out every guest of yours a camera each to snap their pictures at will. What a different way it is for a marriage function. Along with the festoons that you give a guest while he or she arrives at the ceremony you hand out one camera preloaded with a reel which she uses to click away at his or her will. Developing the reel later on wherever he or she desires to and trashes the camera for good. A camera in the hand of many a guest would sure turn your marriage into a flood of flashing bulbs. But no moment would be missed out.

That is precisely what our wedding disposable camera is for. Click process and throw. Not the reel or the precious moments that it has captured, but the gadget itself which would have served its purpose. We have different designs of the camera itself. All to suit the theme you would have set up for the marriage occasion. Some like to give an ethnic touch to their wedding ceremony. We have wedding disposable cameras that have an ethnic outlook. A trendy wedding disposable camera would suit the ceremony where you have fashion and flamboyance as the theme for the ceremony.

Buy your favor boxes from us at favorsplus.com.au at competitive price. We do not offer you cheap rates because our products are not cheap. We offer you products of quality at charges commensurate with the quality. We accept defective items back if tested for same before the end of the reel within the camera.

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