Dissertation Archives at PlagiarismAnalyzer.org: Company Increases Its Database of Sources

Time and again PlagiarismAnalyzer.org receives evidence that there is no limit to the imagination of plagiarists. Despite the state of the art detection software developed by the company more and more students think up new ways of deceiving their professors.  PlagiarismAnalyzer.org replenishes its base of digitized software on a regular basis to ensure that even the newest issues of specialized journals cannot be plagiarized. Still, the company management has decided to undertake even more safety measures to increase the database of digitized sources into the past from 20 to 50 year old media.
“The reason for our decision is that I’ve read one article recently,” the CEO of PlagiarismAnalyzer.org explains. “It was stated there that one of the students has found a dissertation published forty years ago, it was not yet broadcast on the Web. And… well, he plagiarized it, and no online software was able to detect the cheating.”
PlagiarismAnalyzer.org cooperates with several dozen respected custom writing services so it is a matter of reputation for them to ensure that this is not possible in their working procedure. Thus, it was beyond any question that PlagiarismAnalyzer.org needed to broaden its database into the past. Right now the company takes measures to digitize the works of major US universities up to 1960-s and hopes to expand to other English speaking countries in the next several months.
Further information on the offers and news of the company can be found at plagiarismanalyzer.org website.
About PlagiarismAnalyzer.org
PlagiarismAnalyzer.org is a software development company that specializes in the field of copyright protection. A number of products developed by PlagiarismAnalyzer.org over the last several years have proved to be reliable and useful tools whose safety is proved by numerous partners among custom writing services.

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