Domain Database Recently Launched Their New Website

Domain Database recently announced the launch of its latest and innovative web based technology – The largest domain information database on the internet, has now information about 87 million domains worldwide.

Press Release, March 23, 2010 – Domain Database recently launched the largest domain information database on the internet – DomainDB. With over 87 million domains worldwide, this service is now available for internet domain databases all around the world, and is now offering unique domain information such as the domain relations. One of the great new features about DomainDB is that end users can now comment about any domain. Once detailed information on a particular domain is found, users can post comments regarding that domain on has a simple web structure which is very user friendly. In order to process a query for a particular domain, users can type in the domain name or URL and will provide results. Additional detailed information available includes the number of incoming links and the number of pages listed at Google, Alexa popularity and Alexa backlink for a specific domain. Domain information provided is accompanied by a screenshot of a webpage associated with the domain. users can also see the physical location of any web server, their IP address, obtain information about any domain from Twitter, as well as view the visitor statistics for a specific domain in graphical format. is currently running on its Beta version, but Domain Database hopes to launch the full version website onto the market very soon.
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