Donald Trump’s lawyers promised Wednesday to knock the lid off the secretive world of casino investors and Indian tribes, with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit pitting high-society millionaires against each other.

For the first time in Connecticut, Trump’s suit will reveal the money backers have spread around as they try to become the developers of the state’s next mega-casino. In the process, the case could also provide a welcome assist to the state, which is fighting the recognition of the Eastern Pequots because it doesn’t want another casino here.

Trump, though, has a more basic beef: He wants the $10.1 million he gave the Paucatuck Eastern Pequots, plus additional damages.

“I’ve been treated very unfairly,” said Trump. “I am so angry that a thing like this could happen to anyone,” Trump said. “It’s shocking.”

Trump sued investors as well as leaders and members of the Eastern Pequot tribe, including the two previously feuding factions that recently united behind Southport real estate developer David A. Rosow. He charges that the Easterns have violated a binding contract assuring Trump a role in building an Indian casino.

Trump’s lawsuit – copies of which were provided to reporters at a Radisson Hotel press conference Wednesday – states that the hotel and casino tycoon poured more than $10 million into the Paucatuck Eastern Pequots, hoping to develop and manage their casino if they won federal recognition.

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