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DUBLIN, Ireland–LAWFUEL – Legal News Daily–Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c49804) has announced the addition of Popular Culture and Law to their offering.

What are the consequences when laws stories and images migrate from the courtroom to the court of public opinion and from movie, television and computer screens back to electronic monitors inside the courtroom itself? What happens when lawyers and public relations experts market notorious legal cases and controversial policy issues as if they were just another commodity? What is the appropriate relationship between law and digital culture in virtual worlds on the Internet? In addressing these cutting edge issues, the essays in this volume shed new light on the current status and future fate of law, truth and justice in our time.

Content Outline:

Introductory Essay: Richard K. Sherwin, The interpenetration of popular culture and law. Law In Popular Culture: Lawrence M. Friedman, Law, lawyers, and popular culture

Norman Rosenberg, Looking for law in all the old traces: the movies of classical Hollywood, the law, and the case(s) of Film Noir

Ratna Kapur, Postcolonial erotic disruptions: legal narratives of culture, sex and nation in India

Austin Sarat, Living in a Copernican Universe: law and fatherhood in a Perfect World. Popular Culture In Law: Philip N. Meyer, Desperate for love: cinematic influences upon a defendants closing argument to a jury

Richard K. Sherwin, Law frames: historical truth and narrative necessity in a criminal case

Sheila T. Murphy, The impact of factual versus fictional media portrayals on cultural stereotypes

Steven Lubet, Slap leather! legal culture, Wild Bill Hickok, and the gunslinger myth. Law As Commodity: Douglas S. Reed, A new constitutional regime: the juridico-entertainment complex

Susanne A. Roschwalb and Richard A. Stack, Litigation public relations

Marc Galanter, An oil strike in hell: contemporary legends about the civil justice system

Daniel M. Filler, From law to content in the new media marketplace. Law In Cyberspace: F. Gregory Lastowka and Dan Hunter, The laws of virtual worlds

Jack M. Balkin, Digital speech and democratic culture: a theory of freedom of expression for the information society. Pop Culture And Law In Theory: Christopher J. Buccafusco, Gaining/losing perspective on the law, or keeping visual evidence in perspective

Anthony Chase, Toward a legal theory of popular culture


For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c49804

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