Earn Extra Cash with Epkin.com by Selling Old and Unwanted Designer Goods

Anybody interested in earning a little more money in this tough economy, well then it is right time to clean out your closet and make some extra needed shopping cash. Epkin.com is an U.S based firm that gives the sellers an opportunity to sell their old and unwanted designer goods in just few steps! It is the perfect place to drop off some unwanted designer handbags, sunglasses and other accessories in return for a little dough. Sellers sell couture accessories and get their cash for couture goods. The more sellers sell their luxury, the more cash they make. So sell designer handbags, watches, shoes and take that money to check out some of the fabulous goods being sold at incredible discounts.

Sellers are only needed to go through their closet and find all the couture goods that they seldom wear. Sellers are required to register with Epkin that is free and store their contact details along with information about their couture accessories that they want to sell. It is better to include as many details as possible and upload as many pictures as you can to help Epkin in determining the best value of their goods. After that Epkin.com gives an estimated offer to the seller by email within 24hrs and the final offer or payout they give only when they inspect completely each item. It is up to the sellers to decide whether they wish to sell their item directly to Espkin.com for instant cash or not after they review the estimation offer.

Epkin.com research an items authenticity thoroughly; if the research proves that an item is not authentic, the item will be returned immediately to the seller. Epkin.com are only interested in 100% authentic merchandise so sellers are not paid unless their items are authentic.

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