Easy to implement and easy to operate, eresource ERP

Many major organizations as well as small and medium companies are increasing their reliance on eresource ERP system as a cost efficient alternative to their current manual procedures or their piecemeal software applications. Under-performed legacy system and cost-factor involving the customization of existing outdated ERP system in many companies are making the business process a time consuming exercise and, in many cases, impractical.

eresource ERP has been developed with full awareness of specific requirements of industries and customers. It is an ERP system that serves many vertical industries. eresource ERP system has been incorporated with triggers, alerts and workflow procedures that ensures operational efficiency for any business. Being a web-based ERP system, implementation also not a cucumbersome process like in many other ERP packages.

The architecture of eresource ERP systems may be termed the total package approach. All customer-specific functionality has been included in the system effectively. This system has been developed in keeping with the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of Indian market in mind. Its operational method, functionality and investment cost all well-suited to address the SMEs requirement in a rightful manner.

It must be admitted that developing such a package was not easy. As everyone knows that meshing the specific needs of thousands of customers into a single coherent package was not that easy. But eresource’s top quality expert to sift through this mature package, incorporating a massive volume of functionality processes as required by the customer. Although being a web-based ERP solution, eresource has simplified the implementation process, it still brings efficient operational methods and return on investment (ROI).

There is also one important reason why eresource is concentrating more on SMEs. That is, SME segment is ignored by large players in the ERP market. But this attitude has ultimately helped competitiveness among ERP developers such as eresource, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the SME segment.

Another reason why the bigger players avoiding the SMEs are the high volume of customization and the work demanded by the SMEs need more personal care, which the bigger players do not support. So when it comes to the question of SMEs it takes a great deal of time for them to understand the business and design software programs based on modality. On the other hand eresource understands their requirements and genuinely get involved with them and train them to handle any complicated issues. This has helped the SME sector to choose and implement a solution which will be suitable not just only for their needs but also will fit into their budget.

Sometime there comes a big dilemma for companies evaluating ERP solutions because they are unsure of choosing software offered by a branded player or a small player. Some companies debate that only a branded player can satisfy the requirements even though the recipient is a small concern. It is not true.

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