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To transform a still character that has won many a young heart with its barbaric niceness is what Funscom done through its multiplayer online game of Age of Canon. Right from the introductory music the player is transported across time into the dream world of this game called Age of Canon. We are all aware that the comic book depicts conan as the barbaric. He was barbaric not by heart though. A warm hearted character is what the comic strip makes out the conan to be. The author of the story or comic book takes us back into the hyborian age. As we all well aware there is no such age listed in any archaeological study. These are all but a creation of the mind, a play of fantasy.

Champions online accounts, the online game transcribes this very comic book theme along with its main character and all its panoramic scenes to your computer screen. It does this with the additional features of interactive simulation for good measure. Conan turns alive on your screen. You create your Conan from your mind and give it properties that be best as per your decision. Then you lead the Conan you thus created out and unto the expedition that takes you through the maze of levels the game has there in store for you. To an extent like the original story maker of Conan, you have at your disposal tools to script your own story on the life and expeditions of Conan the barbarian. Your story also takes place in the same fantasy period of the hyborian age. And you take the Conan you have created through the different stages of this age. However, there is now the difference between the comic and the online game. Whereas the comic strip has Conan up against the adversary created by the same author who creates Conan himself, the online version of this story has you facing adversaries who have been created by another human being as you. Another gamer sitting at some location that you are not aware is also connected to the same game server as you and has his own Conan, traversing the levels that you are going through at that moment. This has so happened because both of you have elected to own an world of warcraft accounts on the same server. In the course of your game you would come across many other such Conan created by other players having similar age of conan accounts. You have to match your wits and form strategy to fight these other adversaries and proceed through the levels of this game. The still comic story turns live with these features added in the game.

Authentic Age of conan accounts are available at this site and needs a few simple steps to be in your possession. The register button takes you to the page where you would need to fill up a few simple personal details and you receive your age of conan account promptly.

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