edrm hack

Lawyers Warned Over EDRM Hack

edrm hackLawFuel.com – Law Firm News – Leading IT security expert Brian Krebs has warned lawyers about risks following an alleged hack of the EDRM platform.


The EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) is a platform used for electronic discovery and other data transmission.

Reports indicate that the platform has been infected by a pre-built automated hacking software kit that could exploit users, including lawyers.

Krebs cites a report from an online watchdog service that states the EDRM site was infected on June 8th (mid page, heading ‘Intrusion Detection Systems’)

The EDRM platform has been infected by a hacker using a pre-built hacking software called the Blackhole exploit kit and according to respected IT security consultant Brian Krebs.

The site has reportedly also been infected on past occasions back to Feb 2013.

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