Education Law News Arizona-Based Law Firm, Baird, Williams & Greer, L.L.P., Launches Educational Blog – American Law Firm Newswire – Arizona-based law firm Baird Williams & Greer has launched an educational, legal blog to inform readers on the latest lawsuits, legal news & issues that concern and impact our readers’ lives.

The first blog provides insight into plaintiff’s personal injury issues from a defense perspective. The article is written by Robert L. Greer, Partner at Baird Williams & Greer.

Baird Williams & Greer is also planning to launch a company LinkedIn account, to better communicate with the community.

“We have made a commitment to use the latest technology to help provide information and analysis to our community and meet the needs of our market,” stated Mr. Greer, “We hope our new blog and social media efforts will help us connect and communicate with the community more effectively.”

Baird Williams & Greer is a first-tier law firm that specializes in commercial and personal injury litigation, construction law, airport and aviation law, arts and entertainment and commercial transactions and real estate. For more information about Baird Williams & Greer and practice information please visit

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