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<a href="http://www.ecigexperts.org/"Electronic Cigarettes are gaining momentum in the marketplace against traditional tobacco products. Consumers are discovering a safer but equally enjoyable way to indulge in the rich taste of smoking without all the harmful chemicals found in smoke and ash. When one reads the electronic cigarette reviews, over and over the title of best electronic cigarette is consistently awarded to The Safe Cig.

The Safe Cig has earned this reputation because the research and engineering that went into the development of the product is unparalleled in the industry. Over eighteen months in development, The Safe Cig is technologically brilliant. Not only does it look and feel like a cigarette, it is as satisfying; from the nicotine conduction system to craving gratification. This is due to two major components; refill cartridges that contain the nicotine and the rechargeable battery.
The Safe Cig’s cartridge uses the latest in atomization technology which resulted in a refill cartridge that emits a large amount of the cleanest vapor that also was the longest lasting. This was achieved by creating a high-quality conductor for the battery to be able to mate with the refill cartridge. Each one of The Safe Cig’s refill cartridges has a custom adapter that is silver plated to optimize connection to the battery. Further, the cartridge was designed with a “catcher” mechanism. This catcher, or backstop, prevents The Safe Cig’s refills from leaking liquid into the customers’ mouths before vaporizing. There is no other refill cartridge in the world with this feature.
The rechargeable battery technology is also unique to The Safe Cig. Inside is a “flow sensor” that powers the entire unit on and off when a user drags on The Safe Cig. This flow sensor allows the battery to instantly power down when not in use to preserve its battery life. The flow sensor is very responsive. It immediately powers up the refill cartridge to produce a satisfying abundance of vapor every time. Simply put, The Safe Cig provides long battery life while simultaneously being efficient and responsive to the individual.
Not content to rest on its success, The Safe Cig Company is continually innovative; not only on the cutting edge of technology but in style as well. The Safe Cig has recently introduced the “The Micro.” The Micro is all white and sleekly smaller than the traditional white and tan cigarette. It’s not only more lightweight and compact but has an advanced air flow and smoother vapor draw.

Enjoy the Safe Cig, the first company that brought electronic cigarettes to America!

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